This New Haven based Nonduality and Meditation group takes place weekly on Tuesdays from 5:30 - 7:00 (unless otherwise specified below).

In this group we explore our most intimate nature - our essential being. We encounter ourselves/reality in a more direct and full way. We notice an unwavering rest, support, and guidance in this very moment - in this experience exactly as it is - in this now-here.

We will further get to know the different trance states and how they function to seemingly pull us out of this now-here. How we can get lost in identification as separate, in danger, in anxiety, in despair, seeking, and lacking. By learning to recognize that which pulls us out of reality and into a dream (often a nightmarish dream), we become more and more grounded in a knowing that is at ease, in-joying a vibrant, compassionate, and engaged life.

The intention of this group is to to aid in awakening from the dream state of egoic consciousness to the truth of ourself/reality. Thus, we will explore our own experience directly through meditation and through inquiry/contemplations such as: who am I really, what is this life, and what's really true? The group will focus on Truth Orienting, which includes both Awakening to Truth & Embodiment of Truth.

While the group format is ultimately open and may vary week to week, it will follow the general orientation of Contemplation, Meditation, and Inquiry.  A loose expectation of format could be: a 30 minute talk, a 30 minute meditation, and a 30 minute satsang (dialogue).

The group has no specified cost and is not cost dependent. It will follow the tradition of Dāna - loosely translated as: Heart-Generosity (donating in a way that feels kind in all directions). There will be a Dāna box in the room.

There are no requirements to attend, but I would like to monitor space and fit. Therefore, if you would like to attend, please contact me first.

July 9th 2019: No group